“I passed… It was a close cut though”

“I passed… It was a close cut though”

On Friday evening, our Whatsapp phone rang with news from Nurse H. She sent the results to the left and said,

I passed… It was a close cut though.

Whilst we were delighted for Nurse H, we have to disagree that it was close. You see, when Nurse H came to us in January 2019 for an Intermediate IELTS course, she purchased 15 sessions. Working as a domiciliary carer left her with very little time for her studies, but her recent IELTS Scores (7.0 in Listening; Reading and Speaking and 6.0 in Writing) would not allow her to return to her nursing career and that simply wouldn’t do. Determined to succeed, Nurse H enrolled at IELTS Medical and paced her studies around her job. Choosing to study across alternate Thursdays; Saturdays and Sundays for two and a half months, she booked and attended flexible sessions to coincide with her rota at work. She diligently progressed, completing the mountains of IELTS homework she was given on time, yet all the while her bright smile never wavered! When the results came through, we were not surprised that within a short period of time, Nurse H had progressed two bands in Listening, one band in Speaking and crucially half a band in her IELTS Writing. In truth, when we compared the writing she had produced at the start of the course, with what she was consistently producing by the end, we thought her IELTS Writing deserved a higher score. Alas, I digress. Ultimately we’re delighted for Nurse H, whose next step is the NMC CBT (which – ahemwe do here too). Very well done, Nurse H – we salute you.

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