IELTS Simon Part II: Reading Workshop on the 23rd of April!

IELTS Simon Part II: Reading Workshop on the 23rd of April!

  • By Ruta

We are very pleased to announce that our Sunday’s workshop hosted by the IELTS Simon sold out and was a huge success. The below is a snippet of the feedback we’ve had since:

“I thought that the workshop was very good.  I would definitely recommend it to other students who want to improve their writing skills. It has solved a lot of problems for me. It helped me to solve some of my writing problems” – Dr. P, Surrey.

“Before the workshop I was not confident in my writing abilities. However, after the workshop, I feel that I have improved a lot.” – Dr. Z, London.

“I thought that the workshop was excellent and provided organised guidelines about how to prepare for different writing tasks. It also provided a lot of additional resources” – Dr. N,  London.

More IELTS Simon!

Since the workshop was such a success and there were some people who could not attend due to limited places, we are happy to inform you that:

  1. If you missed the event, you can purchase the full video course online. Plus, the first 50 people do do so before the end of March, using the code: e@rlybird2017 will receive a discount. More here
  2. IELTS SIMON will be returning to our centre on the 23rd of April to host a Reading workshop.

Get ready with us… Call 0203 637 6722.

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