The importance of feedback from tutors

The importance of feedback from tutors

  • By Cristina

Feedback is an essential part of effective learning. It helps learners understand the subject being studied and provides them with clear guidance on how to enhance their learning. According to researchers, academic feedback is more strongly linked to achievement than any other teaching behaviour. This relationship is consistent regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, or school setting. Feedback can improve a student’s confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning. Providing students engage with feedback, it should enhance assessment performance and improve learning.

Everyone can benefit from feedback. Feedback can be used to make better, more informed decisions. Feedback also allows students to build and maintain communication with their tutors.

Effective feedback, both positive and negative, is very useful. Efficient feedback can benefit the student greatly. Here are a few more reasons why feedback is important:

1. Feedback improves efficiency. When a student is provided with feedback they are less likely to make the same mistakes in future assignments. It is also likely that the performance of students will improve.

2. Feedback can motivate and can re-assure the student is moving in the right direction. It has strong links with student satisfaction and productivity.

Feedback from a tutor can motivate the student to perform better and to become more confident.

3. Feedback is a tool for continued learning. Persistent feedback can enhance the relationship between the tutor and the student; it can create different strategies for learning and developing more skills.

Here our medics receive daily and consistent feedback from our experienced IELTS tutors and examiners. It means that you learn how to navigate the IELTS exam with ease and that you can incorporate the feedback you have been given so that you can perform better in the exam. Our medics also receive feedback during their mock exams, where they rehearse the big day.

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