How to Improve your Writing Skills

How to Improve your Writing Skills

  • By Lidia

Expressing thoughts and ideas clearly in English is an essential skill, both for the Academic IELTS Writing Exam and your medical career. As with every skill, it takes practice and knowledge, however there are a few steps you can take to improve your writing.

  1. Develop a structure

Organise a piece of writing into paragraphs. Firstly, this will help you have a better understanding of what content and information you need to focus on. Secondly, your text will be organised and therefore easier to read by the examiner.

  1. Insert the appropriate words in the text

Use specific words according to the question you are tackling. For instance, if you are asked to describe a situation, focus on the adjectives that best convey your message and help the reader understand your ideas.

  1. Justify your arguments

When expressing opinions, bear in mind that every idea you are trying to communicate should have a rationale behind it, i.e. one or a group of statements supporting the statement itself. The arguments should be valid and relevant.

  1. Broaden your vocabulary

In our previous article(s) we explored reading. For more information, see “How I read a book a week to improve my English” and “How to improve your reading speed”. We cannot stop emphasising the importance of a vast vocabulary, and reading helps you achieve that. This vocabulary can then be applied in your writing. The more varied words you use in the text, the more you demonstrate an excellent grasp and understanding of the language.

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