How to increase your reading speed

How to increase your reading speed

  • By Lidia

A significant number of our medics come to us for help in tackling the IELTS Reading exam. The IELTS Reading Exam consists of three questions to be answered in one hour. It compromises 3 reading passages which medics are expected to read in no more than 20 minutes each. Subsequently, to ensure adequate understanding, learners are required to answer a variety of questions (True/ False / Not Given; Multiple Choice; Statement Completion, etc) based on text(s). It is therefore essential for our medics to develop specific reading skills which enable them to complete the reading parts of the exam and ultimately reach the 9.0.

Here are a few tips on improving reading speed and help you fly through the IELTS Academic Reading exam. There are generally two main methods: one is based on reading a greater quantity of similar texts and one focuses on reading techniques.

Greater quantity

Regularly reading new material not only helps one develop their vocabulary but also enables them to read text faster. Last week, we discussed how I learnt English by reading one book a week. Reading for high scores in the IELTS exam, however, requires identifying the main ideas of a text and absorbing the information with an appropriate level of detail. That said, one should direct their focus on working out the meaning of unknown words from a given context.

Reading techniques

Scientific research conducted by the world’s most prestigious institutions suggests another way to improve reading speed can be achieved by fixating on a word for a shorter time. Such phenomena occurs by minimising silent speech (also known as subvocalization), the process by which one acknowledges the sound of the word as it is being read.  Further practice on this can be found on various apps / websites such as this one.

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