Introduce Yourself To Hospitals, Clinics and Care Homes

Introduce Yourself To Hospitals, Clinics and Care Homes


  • By Cosmin


Introduce Yourself Feature

As you know, we have iOS and Android apps available for our learners to download on the App and Play stores. All of our apps now have a feature called Introduce Yourself and this is your opportunity to get to know UK healthcare organisations before you arrive in the UK or whilst you prepare.All you need to do is download one of our apps, register, prepare your introduction and record! Consider this your introduce Yourself Guide,to help you prepare before you start recording your video.

Your First Impression

It is said that your first impression is your key to a strong initial connection. Studies show that medical staffing, matrons or ward managers (like most hiring decision makers) only give you around 15 seconds to make a good impression. As such, treat your introduction as though it is your first impression. In order to give you a clear understanding, we will focus on two essential questions that you should ask yourself:

1. How should I prepare my introduction video?

2. What do I need to say? 


1. How should I prepare my Introduction Video?

Here are some tips for a good introduction video:

Make your introduction video about your audience and not about yourself

In other words, your audience (our NHS hospital, private hospital, private clinic, GP surgery, care home or recruitment organisation clients) cares about what you can do for them. Are you a good healthcare professional? Do you have noteworthy professional accomplishments? Are you a dedicated employee? Can you demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development? Are you reliable; can they count on you in a crisis?

Prepare what you are going to say.

In order to do that, you not only need to prepare your presentation beforehand, but you also need to prepare it with your  audience in mind. Once you start recording, you need to have a sense of what’s on your audience’s mind. If you don’t prepare your message, it is very likely your video will be unfocused, difficult to follow and will spoil your image. When you have a clear thought about what you are going to say, you’ll feel more confident and you’ll be able to guide your audience along and deliver a clear message to them.


Personify the camera

The audience watching you needs to feel like they’re having a real interaction with you. Speak with them and not at them. Even if you cannot see the other person, imagine there is someone in front of you. Do not speak with your eyes or head down. Treat the camera like a real person... or ask an actual person to stand behind the camera for you.

 - Be authentic, professional, but not scripted or overly rehearsed. Be honest.

- Be aware of your body language. It speaks volumes.

- Speak clearly so the person watching you can understand you.

- Do not rush or speak with too much energy and animation.

 Remember to smile! Facial expressions are very important!

- Record your video in a well lit area.


2. What do I need to include?

- A greeting eg.   Hello!

- Your name eg.  I’m ‘your name’

- Where are you from or where you’re living? Eg. I’m from ‘place name’ 

- What is your current position and where you currently work? Eg. I work for ‘X hospital in Y department’.  

- A bit about your experience.  E.g. I have 3 years of experience in the  ‘name of the field’ field. 


If you follow those steps, the success of your first impression is almost guaranteed and your chances of receiving a call back are considerably higher. Be confident, smile and good luck with your interview


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