Is the GMC’s high IELTS score requirement achievable?

Is the GMC’s high IELTS score requirement achievable?

From 18 June 2014, the General Medical Council (GMC)’s requirement for IELTS to satisfy the English language requisite (in order to register an overseas doctor to work in the UK) has risen to:

  • A score of 7.0 in each of the components (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing);
  • An overall score of 7.5.

This is perceived as ‘unfair’ by many, since an overall score of 7.5 can only be achieved if a candidate scores a 7.0 in two of the four components mentioned above, and at least an 7.5 in the remaining two. Several candidates, English not being their first language, struggle with obtaining the required score.

Research has indicated that GMC has been accused of outright discrimination for the adopted approach. The GMC arguably fails to recognise a particular doctor’s medical skills and experience and places a big onus on the English language requirement. The consensus among medical professionals is that the 7.5 IELTS score has no bearing on an individual’s ability to be a good or bad doctor. However, the GMC justifies the stringent approach on the basis of a quality control argument. The requirement, therefore, still stands and as of now, in order for an overseas doctor to work in the UK, an overall IELTS score of 7.5 is vital.

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