Just over 2 weeks | Official IELTS Academic Exam in North London

Just over 2 weeks | Official IELTS Academic Exam in North London

It’s just over 2 weeks until the Official IELTS Academic examination. Registration for our North London exam is closing at the end of this week. A maximum of 20 medical professionals are registered for the exam, which we host at least 5 times a year at our centre. Our location gives our medics in the North of the city, a closer exam hall than the capital’s current offerings. For medics wishing to take the exam outside of our dates or in other London centres, we are also able to book the exam for you and we’ll pass on a discount accordingly.

Medics usually ask us which exam centre is the best. The answer depends on the individual, but below are some of the key reasons why you should consider taking the exam with IELTS Medical:

  • As we approach the exam

Medics registered for our exam can expect to be invited to complementary revision sessions over the next few weeks. These sessions are designed to remind you of the key principles required to reach for the highest scores in all of the sections of the exam. You’ll also naturally feel comfortable taking the exam in an environment you’re used to, with people you’ve learned with.

  • What is the exam like with IELTS Medical?

We’re based in North London, Zone 3 (Archway/Highgate). The first three papers in Listening, Reading and Writing all take place in a new state-of-the-art modern lecture theatre with surround sound audio equipment. We then have a short break for lunch (provided to you) and then relocate back to our centre for the Speaking examinations. This means that our examinations take place in a calming environment.

  • What do our medics think of the exam?

One of our medics mentioned that sitting the exam with us, was the first time he’d done the IELTS exam without any tension. That – in a nutshell – was what we wanted to achieve when we decided to collaborate with a national brand to host the exam. Our medics can expect a seamless experience created to give you the best possible chance at achieving your scores…

Keep calm and take the exam with us… Call 02036376722.

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