Language tech – the best apps for learning a language

Language tech – the best apps for learning a language

  • By Anna

When you are learning a foreign language, especially as a busy professional, it can become quite tricky to organise some free time for yourself to sit down with your textbook and study. And when you in fact sit down with your textbook and study, you may find yourself yawning and wishing you were on a sunny island, drinking delicious cocktails.

It is therefore important to make studying fun, engaging and accessible wherever you are. What is the thing that you always carry with yourself? That’s right – a smartphone. Did you know that you can actually learn from your phone?

I have prepared a list of the most useful apps you can download to make learning English much more enjoyable.


Duolingo is my favourite one for many reasons. Once you open it, you can create your account to track your progress, but if you do not want that, you can use it without an account. When you are learning English, you can actually do a placement test which will assess your English level so you could start your journey with Duolingo learning new things and not having to go through the very basics. It uses text, pictures and sounds to assist you with studying the language; it will even check your pronunciation, as you will be asked to repeat out loud certain sentences.


Memrise is not as smooth as Duolingo, but just as useful. It is very easy to use and it also supports offline courses, so you do not have to worry if you lose Internet connection in the tube. What is really unique about Memrise, is that it teaches you new vocabulary by putting words into sentences with similar words from your native language so your brain can build the connection. This helps you remember more new phrases.


It offers a variety of different tasks to help you study English, including quizzes, flash cards, spaced repetition and others. It even has a hands-free mode, so you can use it while driving a car! This app is great for learning vocabulary, as it allows you to create your own vocabulary sets. You can use this feature to practice words which you have problems with.

  1. LEAF

Leaf is like a phrasebook for every context and it was designed to make you fluent in every situation you encounter. This app is so intelligent that it will even use your location and phone usage to determine which lessons you may find useful.

  1. LY

Another amazing app, however this one can help you with the IELTS Reading part. It gathers various texts on different topics, which firstly you have to read, and then work on. The app will go through the vocabulary of the particular text and help you understand and remember it. The algorithms’ aim is to make you familiar with 90% of the vocabulary you read in the text.

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