Let’s Talk Motivation

Let’s Talk Motivation

  • By Lidia

If given a formula, one could argue that motivation consists of performance and ability. Furthermore, studies on motivation assert one individual reaches levels of peak when a task is neither too simple nor too complicated.

This article aims to translate the science of motivation into specific steps our medics can take to keep themselves motivated whilst preparing for the IELTS exam this Saturday.

  1. Start with why

Remind yourself what made you pursue a medical career. Why you made the decision to practice medicine in the UK. Accordingly, imagine your first day on duty at a UK hospital. Think of the positive impact you can have on the healthcare sector. Link getting the required IELTS scores to the idea of making significant progress and continuing meaningful work.

  1. Develop a routine

Dedicate a specific part of the day to academic English study. Are you an early riser? Set one hour of your morning aside to tackle different parts of the IELTS exam.  Should you wish to receive feedback on your work, check out our marking service.

Remember: organised and scheduled studying will help you maintain motivation. When focused on your routine and achieving your daily learning goals, i.e. learning at least five new words daily, you are less likely to get distracted by other activities.

  1. Anticipate the times you will lose motivation

A few weeks ago, we discussed the importance of self-awareness and explained how our medics’ can use it to improve their performance. Additionally, self-awareness can be also used to anticipate times of depleted motivation. Once such times are identified and linked with their causal behaviours, think of specific strategies you can implement to address them. For instance, you might choose to study with a friend. Studies indicate that peer learning significantly improve chances of retaining information.

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