LIVE OET Speaking Practice

LIVE OET Speaking Practice

With the Speaking subtest of the Occupational English Test (OET), preparation is key. The Speaking subtest is arguably the most unpredictable of the four OET tests, because successful completion depends on working with your interlocutor to showcase your communication skills. In this part of the exam, you will have a roleplay card with up to five tasks. This means that you will be taking your professional role against an interlocutor that is playing a patient or patient’s carer or relative.

The format of the exam

The format of this part of the exam is the same throughout.

2 mins getting to know the interlocutor
2-3 mins of preparation for the first roleplay
5 mins roleplay 1
2-3 mins  preparation for the second roleplay
5 mins roleplay 2
The OET Speaking test lasts for approximately 20 mins

Typically a roleplay card will explain the situation and what the OET require you to do. You will usually be allowed to keep your card, but some medics have reported that they were not permitted to do so at some test centres. Regardless, it can be challenging to think of what to say when faced with an unfamiliar situation on the day. Preparation for this is crucial, but it can be difficult to find a willing OET Speaking partner who both knows the expectations of the exam and is ready, willing and able to deliver a performance that will be helpful for your OET preparation.

LIVE OET Speaking Practice 

Our native English OET interlocutors are able to provide mock OET Speaking roleplays, allowing you to rehearse your OET Speaking skills before your big day. Choose your profession and register your request at any time of the day that is suitable in your timezone here:



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