What materials can IELTS Medical offer me for OET?

What materials can IELTS Medical offer me for OET?

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What materials can IELTS Medical offer me for OET?


Many Nurses and Midwives have turned to IELTS Medical with the question: What resources are available for me to help me pass my OET exam?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that will answer this:

Do I need to take a course?


The Occupational English Test (OET) is a very intense exam for Nurses and Midwives who are not completely confident in their English Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.

To give yourself the best possible chance to pass first-time, like many of our Nurses, taking an OET course with an OET-trained tutor at IELTS Medical will give you this opportunity.

What resources are available to me if I join your course?


Not only do our classroom courses give you hours of intense training 10am – 3pm Monday to Thursday for 3, 6 or 12 weeks, we have also added our new OET AI Video Course for FREE within this course.

This means that you will be also given access to 10 modules of study material to use as independent study.

You will also receive an OET coursebook to use on the course as well as at home.

Are there any additional materials I can purchase?


Of course! We have created full OET coursebooks with DVD’s included to give you an extra push in achieving your score of 350 in order to pass the OET.

Our most popular, the Full OET Nursing Set 2 (Complete Guide + Guides for Each Individual Skill) includes:

·         5 coursebooks,

·         3 DVD’s and

·         over 72 hours of OET content.

Each book can be bought individually, however this full set will give you 10% off the RRP.

To check out our newest OET coursebooks, eBooks, games and other you can visit our Books & Games section: https://ieltsmedical.co.uk/services-category/books-and-ebooks?type=Nurse


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