May #OETresults are coming next Tuesday

May #OETresults are coming next Tuesday

The May #OETresults are coming next Tuesday!

Did that give you a shiver? Are you suddenly nervous, panicking and stressed out? Let me guess… you are probably one of the healthcare professionals who did last month’s OET exam, right?

The cure for OET exam result stress is: us of course! Just kidding…or maybe not…

Look, I know that waiting for the exam results is as stressful as doing an exam itself. So I will give you couple of tips to get a rid of the pre-exam results anxiety:

• Try to get yourself busy: go for a long walk in the park, read a nice relaxing book, and go for a dinner with your friends.
• Talk about your concerns with your friends, family or your team at IELTS Medical. Talking can be a good way to realise your stress!
• Be positive, positivity is always THE solution to everything. Wear your best smile as soon as you wake up, so that you will face your day from a different angle.
• Have you got plenty of fears? Just write them down, it will make you feel better because it will make you accept them and go on with your life.

I hope you will feel better after following these few tips.

Many of our students took last month’s exam and we can attest to the fact that you worked really hard for it! So far we had had a really high percentage of students passing their exam at the first attempt and I am really confident when I am saying that this coming Tuesday our medics wont let us down.

We’ve got our fingers, toes… legs… arms crossed for you!

De-stress with us… Call 02036376722!