Meet the Examiner Webinar

Meet the Examiner Webinar

The most frequently feedback we hear from IELTS test takers is that after the exam, all they receive is a sheet of paper with a score on it and no further information about why they have been assessed at the score they have been. We feel your pain and have our own theories as to why the British Council takes this approach. Here at IELTS Medical we have IELTS Speaking and Writing examiners on the team, who are able to give you an insight into the mind of an IELTS examiner. In 2018, we’ve pledged to host more webinars and give our medics more access to up-to-date knowledge straight from the source.

Our first webinar is on Friday 26th January, 2019 and We Want You to submit your questions for our Writing examiner Michael on this post. He’ll be answering your questions during the live 1hr webinar as we prepare for the February exams.

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