Model essay: To what extent…

Model essay: To what extent…

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In the past, shopping was a routine domestic task.  Many people nowadays regard it as a hobby.

To what extent do you think this is a positive trend?

More and more, people consider shopping to be a leisure pursuit, rather than a necessary, functional activity, similar to housework.  The idea of visiting a town centre or shopping centre was considered unusual in the past.  Today, these visits would be seen as quite normal.  Here, I will discuss this idea and the extent to which I think this to be a positive development for our society.

First of all, town centres have been stripped of the heart by out-of-town shopping centres.  They offer entertainment, shopping and food, all undercover and accessible by public transport.  They also become hubs for people from different places to get together.  I appreciate that for many teenagers, this is one of the few free time activities available to them.

Furthermore, modern society’s drive towards consumerism has led shopping to become a pastime.  Shops selling all manner of superfluous items such as glass vases containing decorative sand, candles scented like Christmas and cushions printed with the New York skyline adorn the houses of many.  If buying things like this gives you pleasure, so be it.

However, this sense of satisfaction is known to be short-lived.  This will only lead to further purchases, the possibility of mounting debt and a house filled with clutter.  Further, these goods serve no functional purpose.  In addition, they are often produced cheaply in Asia, in factories with dubious policies regarding employee welfare, causing unseen damage, by Western consumers at any rate, to the environment.

To sum up, the idea of visiting of shopping centre as form of pleasurable activity fills me with terror.  There is little joy to be gained from walking around homogenous shopping centres, looking and cheaply-produced tat.  Purchasing things for the sake of it also harms the environment and although unseen, the price will be paid by the global community sooner or later.

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