New GMC Welcome to UK Practice Courses for Doctors

New GMC Welcome to UK Practice Courses for Doctors

Like us, the GMC know how tough it is for overseas qualified applicants who will be working in a new country, often with a completely different healthcare system. When added to any language and/or cultural barriers, it can be overwhelming for our medical practitioners.

An extract from an account by Dr Sutapa Biswas, Consultant Neurophysiologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust reads:

I arrived alone in London, in an oversized purple coat on a drizzly spring morning. The weather brightened and my hopes of a life in UK soared; the purple coat (once lovingly chosen for its bright colour) became a tad unnecessary and eventually landed up (oversized as it was, I lost some more weight in London) in a charity shop.

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Our medics here have similar stories. Some have left similar hospitals in other English speaking countries, but some have left war torn nations and are working diligently to earn their licence to practice medicine again. The GMC’s free workshop, Welcome to UK Practice, support doctors with the transition to UK working life. From their offices in London, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester and attendees can expect to meet other doctors, discuss their experiences and most importantly, common ethical scenarios they are likely to encounter whilst working.

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