NHS nurse job vacancies rise to unprecedented levels

NHS nurse job vacancies rise to unprecedented levels

  • By Lidia

Data released by the NHS in March 2017 shows a sharp increase in the number of nurse job vacancies advertised. The Guardian reports the posts available in England rose over 15.8%, with 30,613 vacancies posted in early spring.

Janet Davis, chief executive and general secretary of Royal College of Nursing, said “The true number of unfilled jobs is far higher than the number of unfilled jobs is far higher than the number of online adverts and stands at 40,000 in England alone.”

On a similar note, Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers, said: “The figures illustrate the huge efforts being made by employers to recruit talented health and care staff across the board, but they also highlight the growing demand for these staff.”

From this it follows the demand for talented nurses is likely to continue, if not rise. It is a time of great opportunity for oversees nurses to progress their careers and have a positive impact in United Kingdom’s healthcare sector.

Overseas nurses interested in pursuing a career in UK are required to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The IELTS requirements for nurses are 7.0 score in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It is imperative to have an overall score of 7.0 in order to apply to NMC.

Subsequently, for instance, nurses may decide to work the National Health Service. Some of the advantages of working for the NHS include a great career and salary progression, an annual personal development plan with training opportunities to support your career aspirations and 27 days of holiday per year, subject to increase after 10 years’ of service.

We are here to help you reach the 9.0, and ultimately support you throughout your journey in pursuing your nursing career in UK.

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