NMC OSCE for Midwives

The Core 3-Day Course Features:.

Day 1 is classroom based and features: basic maternity care background; APIE (Assessments, Care Planning, Implementation and Evaluation); Documentation; Observation Charts; Common NMC practice Scenarios.

Day 2 is either classroom or hospital based and works on NMC OSCE Midwifery skills.

Day 3 is usually London hospital based and includes: A full mock NMC OSCE Midwifery Exam. Individual feedback.

"What stood out for me was about how my tutor Queensly was patient but particular about me paying attention to details, explaining my rationale for carrying out a task to the examiner and the materials helped so much especially during my revision few days before my exams. Also the mock setup and scenarios for me an overseas midwife who haven’t had a chance to practice at all in any hospital here in the Uk was enough experience for what to expect in the OSCE."

- Midwife Dorcas, Qualified in Nigeria.

"I walked into the building confused and didn't know how i was going to pull through the OSCE because i was coming from a different background. I have never practiced in the Uk and i was very anxious about everything related to the OSCE. Ilets medical gave me the training i required, i was taken through series of practical sessions and a stimulation mock examination that gave me a feel of what to expect on the exam day. I walked into the exam room confident, prepared and i passed at one sitting. Choose ilets medical as your training center for your OSCE preparation because they are the best. Thank you ilets medical."

- Midwife Anastasia, Qualified in Ghana

We have an extensive network of alumni practising in London and Greater London and can assist you with securing your first post-registration job. We also supply several NHS hospitals and private healthcare providers that would like to meet you.

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