Did you know that our Online Ultimate Guide to the NMC OSCE Course Means You Can Study OSCE From Home?

Did you know that our Online Ultimate Guide to the NMC OSCE Course Means You Can Study OSCE From Home?

Sometimes nurses attend our Central London NMC OSCE courses from as far away as #Glasgow , #Cardiff and #Portsmouth? But sometimes because of work commitments, family commitments or life commitments, nurses simply aren't able to make it to us. As a Centre, we are able to deliver in-perdon courses for a group of 6+ nurses wherever you are in the country. If there's a group of 6+ of you, we'll meet you there. If, however, you can't make it London *and* you don't know 5 other people who could join you for training, we do have an option for you. 

How can I study OSCE online?

Here at IELTS Medical, we have established the Ultimate Guide to the NMC OSCE for nurses who want to study OSCE online. This consists of one or two three-hour sessions, using online video platform Zoom, with our OSCE educators, as well as a physical copy of our Ultimate Guide to the NMC OSCE textbook. The sessions are 1:1, which means that you can direct your tutor the areas where you feel you require the most attention. 

Which is better online or in person? 

This is a question we get asked a lot and we would say that our in-person NMC OSCE courses are outstanding. If you can take 3, 4 or 5 days to come here, then do. Our Centre is in the heart of London with plenty to see and do outside of your training. You also get to meet your "OSCE family", nurses who are also preparing for the NMC OSCE, who will provide you with support and understanding as you go through your journey together. However, if you are unable to do so, this is the next best option. You see, our OSCE Educators have seen many, many Adult Nurses; Mental Health Nurses; Childrens Nurses and Midwives through the NMC OSCE. The majority on their first attempt. The Ulimate Guide Online OSCE course replicates the success we have with our Hotline to Nurse Educators and turns it into a comprehensive OSCE course that gives you the foundation to take your exam. 

What do nurses think about studying for the OSCE online?

Nurse Shija had this to say: "Thank you for for the support and arranging a nice Zoom session for me... It was definitely helpful."

You can find our more about our NMC OSCE Online (Ultimate Guide) Courses by registering here: www.oscenurses.com