NMC OSCE 3-Day Course

NMC OSCE 3-Day Course

Meeting Nurses at the Final Stage

The delightful thing about having the NMC Course at IELTS Medical London is that we get to meet nurses at the final stage of their registration journey each and every month. At this stage, our nurses will have already proven their English language ability and showed the NMC that they either remember their nursing theory or that they have put in the work to adapt to the UK way.  Now, it’s all about providing evidence that they can be a nurse. As I’m sure you can imagine, the stakes are always high.

Our Responsibility to You

Here at IELTS Medical London, we know that we have a responsibility to deliver the best possible NMC OSCE course to you. Our Clinical Educators are led by Senior Nurse Educator, Claire – a registered nurse who knows the NMC OSCE exam incredibly well. Having seen many nurses through to a first time NMC OSCE pass, she has designed courses that deliver results.  You’re in the safest possible hands at IELTS Medical London, because we know that that’s our duty to you.

Your Responsibility to Yourself

You’ve found a great NMC OSCE training centre. Great. That’s half the battle won. However, you will need to make sure that you practice, practice, practice. Over and over again. You’ll have received guidance about the best techniques and methods to produce an accurate assessment and how to show you have competent nursing skills. Now it’s time to put that knowledge into action. You’ll likely be nervous on the day; most nurses are. However, when you’ve prepared as well as you will have done here, there you’ll be ready to show the OSCE examiners that you can practice safely in the UK – which is what this exam is all about.

Purpose Built Practice Rooms

If you need a place to practice, we’ve got you covered. From July 2019, the IELTS Medical London Marylebone Centre will have a state of the art, purpose built practice room designed for you to practice your stations. It’s our way of saying: ‘We’re in this with you’.

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