Not an ordinary story

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Not an ordinary story

  • By Elisa

Going abroad might seem a simple process, but is not – especially if you are in the healthcare industry and you want to practice your profession as you do in your homeland. That’s why I thought that I’d mention one of our student’s story that really moved me.

It was a mellow Friday morning in central London and I was in the office waiting for students to arrive for their 10am lesson. The very first one to arrive was doctor A, the man that this story is about.

He opened the door with a big joyful smile and said, “good morning” and I replied. The rest of the students were late, so we started to talk about life in general. Since I am a really inquisitive person, I asked doctor A to tell me more about himself. Doctor A told me his story and what he went through during these last few (rather mad – his words) years. You see doctor A is originally from Palestine, but because of the situation back there at that time, he had to move in Syria. He practiced his profession for decades and then few years ago even Syria went through a “crisis” as he calls it. So he had to move to France and start again from zero: new language new world, but as hard it sounds to do that – it’s not like living in a war zone and experiencing constant fear of what could happen in the next few minutes.

After couple of years spent in France he decided to move in England and finally achieve a better life. Doctor A spoke a little English at that time, but he didn’t let that stand in his way. He studied and practice before he came across one of our adverts. Since we are one of the best OET centres in London (and potentially the UK), he chosen us to be by his side through this part of his journey.

Doctor A will be taking the OET exam in a couple of months and I’m wishing him the very best.

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