OET changes in September — can you take your shot now?

OET changes in September

OET changes in September — can you take your shot now?

  • By Elisa

Have you heard the latest OET news? Well, the OET exam is going to be updated in September 2018.

The Occupational English Test is being updated in Autumn to ensure that it remains relevant by reflecting the types of real communication scenarios the healthcare professional will most likely face at work. The OET wants to meet the new expectations the healthcare’s world is demanding today. Indeed, nowadays healthcare professionals and patients are travelling throughout the world to provide or receive care, which causes a melting pot of English accents. Hence, the test will be more focused on patient-centered care. This means that healthcare professionals need to be flawless in gathering information to understand their patients’ needs and concerns.

In depth, the changes are going to be as followed:

Listening (40-45 minutes)

The Listening sub-test will be divided into three parts now, but it will be shorter:

  • Part A (15 minutes): Two separate consultations between a healthcare professional and a patient;
  • Part B (10 minutes): Six short dialogues or monologues in a workplace setting;
  • Part C (15 minutes): Two long presentations or interviews with health professionals;

Reading (60 minutes)

The Reading sub-test will be divided into three parts and will include new task types such as matching, short-answer questions, and a new broader range of documents, such as policy or procedure documents:

  • Part A (15 minutes): Expeditious (fast) reading task;
  • Part B (45 minutes): Six short workplace extracts;
  • Part C: Two long presentation passages;

Speaking (20 minutes)

The Speaking sub-test will now also assess clinical communication skills such as:

  • Relationship building;
  • Understanding the patient’s perspective;
  • Providing structure to the conversation;
  • Gathering information from the patient;
  • Establishing what the patient already knows;

Writing (45 minutes)

There will be no changes to the way writing is assessed by the OET.

The changes are going to be effective for the exams from 9 September 2018 (registrations open 21 June). As Preparation Providers, we have a duty to be ready for both exams. However, if you are ready for the OET and can take your shot under the current guidelines, we implore you to get in touch with us today.

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