OET for Doctors iOS App – Coming Soon to the App Store

OET for Doctors iOS App – Coming Soon to the App Store

OET for Doctors iOS App

We’re really excited about our brand new OET for Doctors iOS app which will be debuting to the iOS app store within days. In terms of lesson and practice content, the app features OET Mock Exams, Updated OET Tips, Grammar Boosters, and Writing Correction. Additional support comes in the form of the ability to Practice OET Speaking with Native English speaking interlocutors.

OET Mock Exams

Reading and Listening quizzes that you can take on the go – written by experienced OET tutors. Exclusive content delivered to you on your smartphone.

Updated OET Tips 

When our medics take the exam, they provide us with tips that are helpful to our learning community. We would like to share these tips with you using this feature.

Grammar Boosters

Sometimes there’s no ifs or buts, our grammar skeletons must be brought out and tackled to the ground. In this section, we’ll provide you with help to do just that.

Writing Correction

Would it be beneficial for a Native English OET Tutor to give you feedback on your writing? Well, we’ve made it much easier for you to receive that help.

We can’t wait for you to have this app in your hands… Keep an eye on your emails for updates or visit www.oetappdoctors.com

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