OET Live Mock Exam

OET Live Mock Exam

  • By Elisa

Everyone knows that the more times you practice, the better you’ll be. Our healthcare professionals have shown that the Occupational English Test is an exam that with the right amount of attention and practice, can open professional doors that were previously closed.

The OET is a test that our medics should be able to pass on the first attempt. This is the reason that in addition to our the in-person OET (Nursing) and OET (Medicine) courses that we have in North and Central London, we also have live in person mocks scheduled a few weeks before the real exam.

The Occupational English Test is an alternative to the IELTS exam that is accepted by both the GMC and the NMC and it tests your English Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills in a healthcare context.

During this live mock, we simulate the conditions you will have on the test day and include OET Listening, OET Reading, OET Writing followed by OET Speaking with a native interlocutor. Just like when you take the real exam, the mock exam will feature exam papers that will be new to you and our interlocutor is trained to deliver a challenging speaking scenario.

Each mock OET examination will be helpful for doctors and nurses taking the OET examination the following month. At our London location, we will simulate OET Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing under examination conditions. You will also have the chance to meet other test takers who are also taking the exam in, as well as have the opportunity to receive valuable, constructive feedback from English Language professionals within 48 hours.

Only 25 candidates will be permitted to take this mock exam.

To register your space book via Eventbrite or for more information, call 0203 637 6722.

Ace OET with us… Call 02036376722!

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