The Mock Exam Highlighted My Weakness in OET Reading - I Knew I Had 10 Days To Turn It Around

The Mock Exam Highlighted My Weakness in OET Reading - I Knew I Had 10 Days To Turn It Around

Our first interaction with Doctor P was when she'd ordered a copy of our OET Coursebook for Doctors and decided that our OET for Doctors in-person course in London was the one for her. She immediately enrolled on the 3-Week Intensive In-Person London Course and started her preparation.


Doctor P had taken the IELTS exam multiple times without success. However, as an experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who is used to counselling and treating patients, Doctor P's bedside manner was already well developed. The concepts that she came across in the Occupational English Test were familiar to her, she simply needed to know what the OET expected of her. Our goal was to show her this and help her to achieve the B-B-B-B pass on her first attempt.

3-week OET Course

Our three week course helped Doctor P to develop her exam technique and preparedness for the OET test. The course includes OET Listening; OET Reading; OET Speaking and OET Writing and it is designed for overseas qualified doctors who have a strong command of the language. Training intensively in a small group of 4 medical professionals, Doctor P proved that she was an outstanding learner by completing all homework assignments and using any free time to learn more about the examination. 

Our OET Mock Exam

Each 3-week course entitles learners to automatic entry into the OET Mock exams we hold each month and Doctor P entered an examination that was just 10 days to her exam. Our OET Mock Exam results are provided within 24 hours and by simulating the conditions of the OET examination as closely as possible, we find that the mock examination has become a useful tool for highlighting any areas of concern that our medics should focus on in the real thing.

"I scored 3Bs and 1C in the OET mock exam - I knew that I had just 10 days to turn it around.

And she did: 350 in Listening (B); 380 in Reading (B); 390 in Speaking (B) and 360 in Writing (B).

We think you're absolutely lovely Doctor P and look forward to seeing you again for Plab preparation here in London, UK. 

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