OET Reading Part B teaser…

OET Reading Part B teaser…

Try this OET Reading Part B question and let us know how you did…

MEMO: To all (ward B)

This email follows a recent spate of complaints from relatives of service users. As you may know, such complaints are rarely routed to the correct department – Patients Advice and Liaisons Service – and are instead routed to department heads. As I am sure you can imagine, these departments are likely to be understaffed and busy. From the correspondence we have seen recently, these complaints could have been avoided with a little more attention from the members of staff concerned.

As a nurse working on our wards, it is important to remember that our duty to patients extends to their next of kin and carers. Time spent engaging with them, even over the most minor of issues, is likely to be incredibly beneficial and may ultimately prevent impending complaints. The aim of this time spent may include, for example, providing explanations that remove any doubt or ambiguity or explanations of next steps.


  1. The purpose of this memo is to advise nurses of the need to:-

Ⓐ           Engage with patient’s relatives and carers
Ⓑ           Understand that relatively trivial matters may cause complaints
Ⓒ           Ensure that explanations are delivered slowly and clearly
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