OET Reading Techniques

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OET Reading Techniques

  • By Elisa

Today I am going to give you some reading techniques tips which are going to be useful on the “big day”. Each Reading test is different you could have a reading and comprehension with multiple choices answers or a fill in the gaps, in each of them you need to use different technique. I am going to show you some of them:

Elimination process

An important multiple choice strategy is to eliminate the incorrect answers before making a selection. This strategy is particularly useful when you are not certain of the right answer and must guess. The elimination process increases your chances of selecting the right answer. After eliminating some choices, you should look at all the remaining possible answers to determine which the most correct answer is.


The first step to successful reading comprehension is to carefully read all parts of the material. Begin by reading the title and any background information to enrich your understanding of the text. As you read, take careful notes, underlining repeated words and phrases, quickly marking down questions in the margins, and marking main points and sub points. If you are taking a reading comprehension exam, writing on the text while you read can help keep you more alert and engaged with the material.

Speed Reading

Try to spend no more than one second on each line and then increase your speed with each subsequent page. You will probably find that you retain very little information at first, but, as you train your brain and you become more comfortable with the technique, your comprehension should improve.


In the case of timed tests, such as the Reading A, you should practice reading in a limited time frame. Setting a timer while you read increases your comfort with working in a time constraint and can reduce potential stress on test day. Practicing reading also reveals weaknesses that you can improve ahead of time, such as pace of reading, inference of implied meaning and vocabulary skills.

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