IELTS Survivor to OET Champion

IELTS Survivor to OET Champion


The bright smile of Nurse N first lit up the IELTS Medical centre in early 2017, when she came to us for assistance with her IELTS examination. She had studied her nursing degree in English, but the NMC required proof of her English language proficiency. Nurse N attempted the IELTS several times, scoring admirable results in her Listening, Speaking and Writing. Unfortunately, scoring 6.0 in her Reading held her back. Imagine Nurse N’s elation when we called her in November 2017 to let her know about the OET’s acceptance by the NMC. As the mother of two young children, Nurse N had to combine study of the new examination with the childcare of her little ones. It was a challenge, but she skilfully managed it through our OET course and took her OET examination on completion. Imagine our surprise, when she scored B-B-B in Speaking, Listening and Reading… but a C in Writing! The cruel irony wasn’t lost on Nurse N, who called the centre to book Pass Guarantee** lessons for her OET Writing… Her final OET exam was shortly after this and she scored … well… take a look…


You can switch from IELTS to OET with us… Call 02036376722!
(** We can guarantee your OET scores when you book with us – Terms Apply)

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