OET Tutor Profile: Janet

  • Specialties: OET Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.
  • Janet’s usually here in the mornings.
A little bit about yourself
I am a former Dental Hygienist who is passionate about English. After a long career working initially in a hospital environment and then going on to work in private and NHS practices all over the country as I moved with my husband who was training as a doctor, I’ve decided to follow my long standing wish to teach English and am excited to be able to do this now.
Your academic background
I hold a BA Hons degree in English Literature  more recently went on to secure a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ( CELTA) which enables me to teach English as a foreign language.
Teaching experience
I have gained teaching experience at a local language school teaching English to multilingual students of mixed ability and ages.
Why did you start teaching?
My aim is always to build a strong rapport with my students which contributes to a more enjoyable and positive learning experience. I have an encouraging approach to teaching and see learning as a co-operative exercise.

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