The Long Awaited Release of OET (Pharmacy) Writing Guide for Pharmacists

The Long Awaited Release of OET (Pharmacy) Writing Guide for Pharmacists

Whilst preparing for the Occupational English test (OET), international pharmacists need to be able to understand what is expected of you in terms of writing a referral or support letter to a colleague, other medical professional or member of the public. Your ability to select case notes will be tested, as well as your language competence when producing the letter. Written communication very important in practice, and the OET assesses your English writing ability, competency and efficacy. This guide - therefore - assists you with improving all three.

What does the OET Writing for Pharmacists Guide include?

As well as including tried and tested methods to reach high scores in the OET Writing exam, our OET Writing for Pharmacists includes carefully selected writing tasks that cover the variety of types of questions you may see in the exam. Tasks include writing to clients, colleagues, members of the public and pharmacy boards. Budding UK pharmacists are asked to respond to a range of situations such as near misses, accidental dispensing, queries over banned and recalled medication. One common thread throughout these tasks is a requirement to Select the relevant case notes and Transform these into meaningful sentences that are meaningful to the reader.

We are delighted to finally be able to release this long awaited OET Writing Guide. Available now from our website, our retail partners and shipping within the UK and worldwide.

Why choose OET Pharmacy?

The UK’s General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) now recognises OET Pharmacy as proof of an overseas pharmacist’s or pharmacy technician’s English language proficiency. Much like the GMC, the GPhC requires a B in the OET Pharmacy Writing exam, along with a grade of B / 350 in the other 3 OET skills. This guide focusses on OET Pharmacy Writing, but there are others available for OET All Professions Listening; OET All Professions Reading and OET Pharmacy Speaking too.

Our guide includes

·           Skill building activities

·           10 x case notes for OET Pharmacy for you to try

·           10 x Model letters

·           Marking criteria mapping

·           Common errors to avoid and top tips for exam success

With everything collated to help you reach grade B and beyond in the writing section of OET (Pharmacy).

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