OET Class – every week

OET Class – every week

By Anna

The Occupational English (or OET) is an alternative to the IELTS exam for nurses wishing to register for NMC Registration. It assesses nurses' listening, reading, writing and speaking skills across the exam. Unlike other English language examinations, this examination is entirely healthcare focussed. This unique fact makes it an ideal choice for nurses who have work experience working as a nurse. Your experience - regardless of where in the world that you have gained it - will mean that a lot of the concepts you'll come across in the OET will be familiar to you. Concepts like expressing empathy for your patient; something that is assessed as part of the OET Speaking exam. 

OET Class - Every Week 

Here are IELTS Medical, we hold weekly OET sessions to assist nurses with the exam. Whether in person at our centres in London or online at oetonline.net we ensure that nurses are able to access the information, feedback and practice that you'll need in order to pass this exam as efficiently as possible. 

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