OSCE for Nurses

OSCE for Nurses

Changes to the NMC OSCE

Last Wednesday saw the very first group of international nurses face the new NMC OSCE scenarios. The scenarios centred mainly on areas of nursing that had been previously un-assessed and tensions were high with nurses wondering, ‘what will the examiners be looking for?’ … ‘am I prepared enough?’ …’what if I say the wrong thing?’ 

Somebody had to go first in the exam and our nurses drew the straws.

As always, however, the IELTS Medical London Nurse Education Team – led by Lead OSCE Trainer and Senior UK Registered Nurse Claire – were ready for the changes. Our nurses received regular briefings, as well as information about what to look out for. We gave our nurses tips on how to deal with the new dimension to nursing added by the NMC from the 24th June.

Up-To-Date Training

You see here at IELTS Medical London, we know that we have a responsibility to deliver the most up-to-date NMC OSCE training. We’re switched on and we encorage you to think on your feet so that you deliver patient-centred care. You’re in excellent hands at IELTS Medical London, because we know how important it is for you to perform well on the day. 

OSCE for Nurses

Our OSCE for Nurses course in London is every month – sometimes four times a month *ahem* #OSCEJuly *ahem*. In truth, we absolutely love it. We get a real thrill from seeing international nurses through the final hurdle of becoming UK registered nurse practitioners. This means that we work to do it well. Our OSCE training team is dedicated, passionate and committed to the cause. Our high pass rates speak for themselves. 

If you’re looking for help see you through the NMC OSCE, then what are you waiting for?

Sail through the NMC OSCE with us… Call 020366376722!

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