• By Anna 

When you are a nurse wanting to register with the NMC, the last step, after completing the language requirements and passing the CBT is moving to the OSCE exam which will test your practical nursing skills.

During the OSCE exam, the nurses and midwives are required to act out certain scenarios which will assess their clinical skills. There are six separate stations using simulated patients in a clinical setting, each lasting between 10-20 minutes; the first four stations will test the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the assessment. The last two stations will focus primarily on the practical skills.

Since OSCE is a very important part of your NMC registration, it is vital that you come properly prepared for the actual exam. If you are employed at a hospital as a pre-registered nurse, your trust will most likely provide you with the in-house training; the nurses who work in domiciliary care, care centres, clinics or nursing homes are at a huge disadvantage and that is why we offer a thorough OSCE review in London.

Additionally, those nurses who have training at their hospitals very often benefit from a private OSCE training with us as well.
Our OSCE training sessions last consecutive days and they usually take place at the Whittington Hospital where the learners can use specially prepared exam rooms with all of the necessary equipment. Our tutors are professional OSCE trainers and registered nurses, who have been delivering the OSCE training for over two years for Central London trusts.

During our OSCE review you will go through each step and as many possible scenarios as possible to make sure you are ready for the exam. Our tutors will give you feedback, tips and guidance throughout the 3 days as well as the time before the training as they have pre-course material and a special WhatsApp group for the students where they share their feedback and experience. In that WhatsApp group you will also be assigned homework which will be checked and marked before the training.

Our next OSCE review in London  and we have London OSCE training at least once each month. If you wish to sign up or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 0203 637 6722.
This is how the OSCE training looked last time: