"I feel now more prepared before my exam" - Nurse P explaining why practicing before the NMC OSCE exam is so important - UPDATE: She Passed!

What is the NMC OSCE Exam?

For international nurses who would like to practise as nurses here in the UK, there are two or three exams that you need to pass in order to receive a Pin from the NMC; your Licence to Practise in the UK. The (usually) final exam is the NMC OSCE exam which currently consists of six timed stations. As with any exam against the clock, it is incredibly important that you are able to finish what you need to within the time limit set. The best way for you to be able to do that is if you practice and for these skills to become part of your motor memory...

How can IELTS Medical help me to pass the NMC OSCE? 

Here at IELTS Medical, we believe that practice makes perfect. During our outstanding 3-day NMC OSCE course, we show you what your examiners at Northampton, Oxford Brookes and Ulster are expecting from you. We give you the space and time to learn and we also encourage you to drop in to make use of the practice room we've put together for you. Attendees on our courses are free to practice as often as theyd like to between our course and your exam... It's our way of letting you know that we're with you all the way

What do course attendees think of our practice room? 

Recently, we've had a lot of nurses stop by to do some last minute practice before their NMC OSCE exams in August and September. Account Executive for Nursing, Dora, dropped in on one such session to wish our nurse good luck and to find out her thoughts on having access to our Practice Room (and unlimited coffee :) before her exam...

We've got back to back to back NMC OSCE courses throughout September and so we're sure more course attendees will be making use of Practice Room at IELTS Medical. 

There are still a few spaces on the NMC OSCE course starting on Monday 14th September, so book now to secure your seat. 

UPDATE 13/09: Congratulations and welcome to UK Nursing Practise Nurse P. We wish you a successful UK Nursing career.

Drop into an NMC OSCE Practice Room with us... Call 02036376722!