Have you received your OSCE decision letter?

Have you received your OSCE decision letter?

  • By Ben 

Having assessed your application I am satisfied that you meet the minimum requirements to progress to part two of the test of competence; as a result you can now book your Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Following (up to) 40 days of waiting for the NMC to reply to your application – an application that likely includes a 7.0 Score / B grade at IELTS or OET level and a CBT pass – the above words are welcomed news for our overseas qualified nurses.

The NMC OSCE assesses our nurses’ clinical knowledge. It takes place at one of very few approved university test centres. The OSCE simulates a clinical environment and patient scenarious to test how our nurses and midwives assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care they provide. The test is split into stations and our nurses must complete these stations within the given time frames, whilst being assessed. As the final stage before NMC registration, it’s incredibly important that you choose the right provider to see you through the exam. IELTS Medical is that provider…

Our current pass rate is outstandingly high for several reasons, including:

  1. We simulate the hospital environment at either The Whittington Hospital or University College London Hospital that you’ll have on the big day, so that when it’s your time to take the exam, you’re ready.
  2. Our dedicated OSCE trainers – themselves Registered Nurses who are clinically trained – give you lots of guidance on what the OSCE assessors expect.
  3. We have dedicated training rooms in London so that you can practice until you’re ready.

You’ve invested a lot of money, time and effort to get to the stage where your NMC OSCE decision letter is in your hands… You deserve a provide who you can trust to match that investment and guide you to OSCE success…

Pass your NMC OSCE with us… Call 02036376722.