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New 2.0 Listening Material Each Week Until Christmas

As with any examination, the OET exam requires consistent practice. With the majority of our medics planning to attempt (or re-attempt) their OET examination before the end of 2018, we’re releasing exclusive OET Listening content each week until Christmas on our Youtube channel here. The audio is accessible via Youtube and via our tailor made Learning Portal, which you can find at learn.ieltsmedical.org. Medics on our courses are provided with access on registration, but we’ve now extended our materials to our [...]


OET Class – every week

By Anna The Occupational English (or OET) is an alternative to the IELTS exam for nurses wishing to register for the NMC. It still tests Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, but it does so within a healthcare context. Earlier this week, IELTS Medical welcomed medical doctor Dr Michael Laurino on board to help our nurses prepare for their OET exam. Dr Michael has a medical degree from Kings College London and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Middlesex University. He has been [...]

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