My husband had enrolled and he has passed in first attempt..

When Dr G’s wife reached out to us in December 2018, her husband was at wits end with the IELTS exam. Having taken the IELTS twice, he was totally frustrated with the examination and keen for another solution. Dr G’s wife had heard of the Occupational English Test, but wasn’t sure on which provider would be the best for her husband. Having seen IELTS Medical’s OET Course for Doctors online, she reached out to enquire as to whether we [...]

OET Speaking App - Game

Is this the first iPhone and Android OET Speaking App?

Could this be the first Occupational English Test iPhone and Android Speaking App? Within 48 hours, our brand new OET Speaking Game Tic Toc Doc will be on the iPhone app store. Its debut on the Android platform will follow shortly afterwards. Combining OET Speaking 2.0 elements into a fun game, we’ve brought you a game that connects you to OET test takers and Native English Speakers around the world. Introducing Tic Toc Doc, the world’s first Occupational English [...]


Spotlight on: OET Listening Guide Volume II Book for Occupational English Test

The Listening section of the Occupational English Test features 3 parts of sets of listening audio. Part A is a pair healthcare professional – patient consultation that requires an ability to listen for detail. Part B is a set of six multiple choice questions featuring an approximately 1 minute long audio that requires you to choose one answer from three possible choices. Finally, part C is also a set of six multiple choice questions that accompany a longer mono [...]


New GMC Welcome to UK Practice Courses for Doctors

Like us, the GMC know how tough it is for overseas qualified applicants who will be working in a new country, often with a completely different healthcare system. When added to any language and/or cultural barriers, it can be overwhelming for our medical practitioners. An extract from an account by Dr Sutapa Biswas, Consultant Neurophysiologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust reads: I arrived alone in London, in an oversized purple coat on a drizzly spring morning. The weather [...]

Merry Christmas

Wishing You A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and An Amazing 2019

What an amazing year 2018 has been. Surpassing our efforts in 2017, we’ve seen even more dentists, nurses and doctors through the IELTS and OET respectively. We’ve also delivered outstanding NMC CBT and OSCE courses and cheered when yet another one of our nurses received their #PininthePost. We’ve facilitated introductions for some of you to NHS hospitals and Private Clinics and welcomed more language experts, senior registered nurses and practising medical doctors to the cause. We’ve released not one… not [...]


BREAKING NEWS: Green Light For Lowered IELTS Writing Score

Following our update via Facebook last week, we’re delighted to update that the NMC have followed through on stakeholder recommendations to accept a 6.5 score for IELTS Writing as part of their English language requirements. From 5th December 2018, nurses with a score of 6.5 in IELTS writing, but an overall score of 7.0 and above, will be permitted to proceed past the English language stage of NMC registration. EU and Overseas qualified nurses will still need to achieve an overall score of 7.0 in the [...]


World Cup Update

With every #IELTS , #OET , #PLAB1 , #PLAB2 , #CBT or #OSCE result comes the responsibility that our medics face to declare which country they are representing in the IELTS Medical World Cup. With this prestige comes bragging rights for one year for the medics from the winning country. Last year’s winners were Pakistan whose players dominated almost every examination. This year, with the #OET heatwave, challengers from other countries are emerging victorious. Take the Philippines, for example. [...]

whatsapp group

Getting Ready For An NMC OSCE First Time Pass

The above image is a photo of our Whatsapp group (+447598311788) where our Lead OSCE Trainer Claire assisted not one… not two… but SIX out of SIX nurses to first time NMC OSCE success. As you know, UK registration for international nurses requires passing the NMC OSCE and its purpose is to satisfy UK pre-registration standards. This includes testing nurses on their communication and clinical skills. Successful nurses will have to satisfy OSCE examiners that they can make sound clinical decisions [...]

Learners Portal

New 2.0 Listening Material Each Week Until Christmas

As with any examination, the OET exam requires consistent practice. With the majority of our medics planning to attempt (or re-attempt) their OET examination before the end of 2018, we’re releasing exclusive OET Listening content each week until Christmas on our Youtube channel here. The audio is accessible via Youtube and via our tailor made Learning Portal, which you can find at Medics on our courses are provided with access on registration, but we’ve now extended our materials to our [...]


OET The Complete Guide – Refresh 2.0 for Nursing

By Peter As a comprehensive set of OET Nursing Materials, the OET Complete Guide – Refresh 2.0 is a set of OET textbooks for nurses preparing for their OET exam. Overseas qualified nurses need to know not just what the OET is looking for, but how to consistently provide high quality answers that demonstrate their English language proficiency. The main text OET (Nursing) The Complete Guide contains five practice tests for each OET subtest (Listening; Reading; Speaking and Writing), as well [...]


She’s on a roll… High NMC OSCE Pass Rates with excellent OSCE course

She’s on a roll… Our lead NMC OSCE trainer, Claire’s working around the clock to ensure that our nurses are passing the OSCE on their first attempt and that our nurses are very well supported up until their big day and beyond. This Monday the 24th September marks our second September City NMC OSCE course – it’s PURE APIE followed by the standard 3 and 5 day NMC OSCE. The course starts at our City branch in Marylebone, W1H and is followed by [...]


City NMC OSCE at Marylebone / UCLH

It’s that time again! The 1st of August marks our next City NMC OSCE – it’s PURE APIE followed by the standard 3 and 5 day NMC OSCE. The course starts at our City branch in Marylebone, W1H and is followed by a session at the ward of UCLH hospital around the corner. You can find more information on our NMC OSCE course at but here’s a brief recap of our successful 3-day NMC OSCE course which looks like this: Day [...]


Electric Sharpener

By Elisa Today I am going to talk about one of our most successful and special students, Doctor A. What was particularly memorable about Doctor A was her politeness, her willingness to do better, her strength and her positivity towards life… her obsession with Marylebone’s electric sharpener. Hours to sharpen a pencil – seriously, Doctor A? Doctor A joined our OET 4x 4 courses for doctors three intakes ago. She chose to study at our Marylebone branch.  Before reaching out to us, [...]

failing the NMC OSCE

Failing the NMC OSCE

By Gurjit If you fail the NMC OSCE exam, all is not lost. You are allowed to re-sit, however there are limits and restraints on when and how many times so do read on carefully. All overseas qualified nurses that wish to register with the NMC in the UK will be required to pass the NMC OSCE exam. The OSCE is a practical test you need to pass prior to registering with the NMC. Since April 2017 the registration process has [...]

oet mock exam

Taste the OET with a mock for starters

By Gurjit A great way to get a real taste of how it would be like to sit the OET Exam will be is to sit the mock test. Not only will you get a feel of the real exam conditions that will take place on your big test day, but you can also gage whether or not you need more time to study or practice on a particular area. The OET Live Mock Test takes place twice a month at [...]

new OET

OET Course Updates June 2018

In line with the new version of the OET, we’re making some changes to our OET Course. From 6th July, 2018 we will have two versions of our OET (Medicine) and OET (Nursing) course: The current i10 OET will be be known as i10 OET Countdown for which there are only 2 intakes left:  15th June, 2018 6th July, 2018 Once the i10 OET Countdown is done, we will no longer be offering courses tailored to the old version of the OET. Our brand new OET [...]


OET (Medicine) Speaking Guide – Book and DVD

OUT NOW In order to succeed in the Speaking section of the Occupational English Test (Medicine), overseas qualified doctors need to know what the test involves and how to improve their skills to the level required by the exam. This book is a complete guide to OET Speaking (Medicine) success and it contains clear instructions and practice questions. The OET (Medicine) Speaking Guide is produced by IELTS Medical, a training centre for medical professionals. Our writers and editors are NHS medical [...]

Hand writing

Doctors’ handwriting…

By Elisa Today I am going to talk about a really serious matter: Our doctors’ handwriting! Is the stereotype true? Here at IELTS Medical we support many doctors, who have a brilliant and focused minds. The only weakness that you can find in them is when you collect the homework and you notice their handwriting… sometimes it’s shocking. Long story short actually illegible handwriting is not the end of the world. Research suggests that it could mean many different things about the person’s psychology. Individuals with [...]

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