NMC OSCE Feedback

NMC OSCE Result – “It was my best decision to join IELTS Medical for OSCE Preparation”

NMC OSCE Results … are incredibly important. Usually released within 72 hours of the NMC OSCE examination, these results determine whether or not an OSCE candidate is able to finally call themselves a nurse. The stakes are high and the pressure can get to even the toughest, most skilled practitioner. At this stage he or she would have already invested months – if not years – of their life in the process. Furthermore, presuming they required IELTS/OET and CBT [...]

NMC OSCE Recommendation

NMC OSCE Reviews – 3 or 5 day options

This valuable feedback accurately describes our NMC OSCE for Nurses course that includes APIE, Skills and a Mock Examination with feedback. The course is at least once a month, either 3 or 5 days long, and it is led by our Clinical Nurse Educator Claire. Ultimately, the secret to the success of the nurses on our course is that you are motivated and eager to understand how to practice safely and competently in the UK. Here are a few things you should [...]


Medically trained patients on our NMC OSCE course?

We’re always excited to see our doctors and even more so when they volunteer to play patients during our NMC OSCE scenarios. You see, our OSCE course is always led by Senior Registered Nurses and our OSCE nurses are always delighted to use the Laerdal Anne or Sim Man dummies that are always ready, willing and able patients. However, it’s always nice to have a live (and rather unpredictable 🙂 patient there in person (just like in the examination) – [...]

whatsapp group

Getting Ready For An NMC OSCE First Time Pass

The above image is a photo of our Whatsapp group (+447598311788) where our Lead OSCE Trainer Claire assisted not one… not two… but SIX out of SIX nurses to first time NMC OSCE success. As you know, UK registration for international nurses requires passing the NMC OSCE and its purpose is to satisfy UK pre-registration standards. This includes testing nurses on their communication and clinical skills. Successful nurses will have to satisfy OSCE examiners that they can make sound clinical decisions [...]


Our in-hospital London NMC OSCE Course

By Gurjit Calling all professional nurses that are looking to go register with the NMC, we have a maximum of 12 places available on our OSCE course which is starting on Thursday 14th June 2018. Our NMC OCSE review ranges from 3 to 5 days and our nurses will be given coaching, guidance and continuous feedback to help you pass first time. The course is presented with a combination of classroom and practical training. Day 1 and Day 2 of our NMC OSCE course you [...]

nmc osce review

Have you received your OSCE decision letter?

By Ben  Having assessed your application I am satisfied that you meet the minimum requirements to progress to part two of the test of competence; as a result you can now book your Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Following (up to) 40 days of waiting for the NMC to reply to your application – an application that likely includes a 7.0 Score / B grade at IELTS or OET level and a CBT pass – the above words are welcomed news [...]

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