Which is easier for healthcare professionals – IELTS or OET?

When it comes to both the IELTS and the OET, the question we are asked most often is, “Which is easier IELTS or OET?” and our response is usually, “It depends.” You see there are advantages and disadvantages to either English test depending on your situation. Which one is better?  That question is like comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini – either will get you to where you need to go, it just depends on which you prefer. Both the IELTS and [...]


OET 2.0 Listening Practice – Diabulimia by Dr. Annalise Keating

  Transcript Hello my name is Annalise Keating and I’m a gastroenterologist working with a multinational team to raise awareness of a relatively obscure condition called Diabulimia. The name is derived from a mixture of diabetes and bulimia, as it describes the situation where type one diabetics develop the behavioural characteristics that are common to the aforementioned eating disorder. As insulin restriction is a significantly more dangerous act than calorie purging, the sooner something can be done about the countless lives being [...]


LIVE OET Speaking Practice

With the Speaking subtest of the Occupational English Test (OET), preparation is key. The Speaking subtest is arguably the most unpredictable of the four OET tests, because successful completion depends on working with your interlocutor to showcase your communication skills. In this part of the exam, you will have a roleplay card with up to five tasks. This means that you will be taking your professional role against an interlocutor that is playing a patient or patient’s carer or [...]

Gwen Gift

OET NEWS Gwen’s Gift for April OET Courses

Gwen Gift Throughout the month of March, our OET tutor Gwen has been refreshing her teaching skills and she’s due to return, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. To celebrate, we’d like to give you Gwen’s Gift which is 29% off our signature IN PERSON 3-week Central London OET (Medicine) 25 hours a week course. This applies for either: Friday – Monday course 5th – 22nd April, 2019 Monday – Thursday course 8th – 25th April, 2019 Is £494 Call us today on 02036376722 [...]


Intensive OET Preparation Course

Effective OET Preparation Course – Intensive Course The Occupational English Test (OET) is an English test for healthcare professionals that can be used as an alternative to IELTS to satisfy the English language requirements of the GMC or NMC for doctors and nurses & midwives respectively. Doctors and nurses require a grade B (equivalent to IELTS 7.0 – 7.5 or CEFR C1) in order to register. Our Intensive Course Our most intensive course includes all four skills – OET Listening; OET Reading; OET [...]


OET The Complete Guide – Refresh 2.0 for Nursing and Medicine

By Peter The OET Complete Guide – Refresh 2.0 is a set of textbooks aimed at overseas qualified international nurses and medics who need to pass the Occupational English Test (OET) in order to practice their profession in the UK. The two main books, OET (Nursing) Complete Guide and OET (Medicine) for Doctors, are up-to-date versions created to allow readers to pass the OET exam version 2.0. Each book contains segments on the four key OET stages; reading, writing, listening and [...]

oet results for may

May #OETresults are coming next Tuesday

By Elisa The May #OETresults are coming next Tuesday! Did that give you a shiver? Are you suddenly nervous, panicking and stressed out? Let me guess… you are probably one of the healthcare professionals who did last month’s OET exam, right? The cure for OET exam result stress is: us of course! Just kidding…or maybe not… Look, I know that waiting for the exam results is as stressful as doing an exam itself. So I will give you couple of tips to get a rid [...]

Monday to Thursday OET course

Monday to Thursday for OET City Courses

By Gurjit We’ve started OET courses from Monday to Thursday at our Brand New Marylebone Centre in Central London! You will all be glad to hear that you can now book yourself onto an Occupational English Test from Monday to Thursday’s due to the great demand. So whether you are not available due to any work commitments or due to family arrangement or whatever it may be… not to fear and no excuses. OET courses will be running from Monday to Thursday and [...]

Writing feedback

Get (OET) Writing

Inspired by one of our doctors and created specifically for the OET, comes our OET writing service. For medics taking the leap from IELTS and into OET, we’ve streamlined writing practice to enable you to practice responding to OET case notes. For the past three weeks, we’ve been accumulating case notes and model answers that give you a taste of what to expect in the exam. What’s more, when you choose one of the OET packages below, we’ll give [...]

OET changes in September

OET changes in September — can you take your shot now?

By Elisa Have you heard the latest OET news? Well, the OET exam is going to be updated in September 2018. The Occupational English Test is being updated in Autumn to ensure that it remains relevant by reflecting the types of real communication scenarios the healthcare professional will most likely face at work. The OET wants to meet the new expectations the healthcare’s world is demanding today. Indeed, nowadays healthcare professionals and patients are travelling throughout the world to provide or receive care, which [...]

OET (Medicine) Writing Guide for Doctors

OET (Medicine) Writing Guide for Doctors — OUT NOW

We’ve done it again! In stock and shipping now is the OET (Medicine) Writing Guide for Doctors. In order to succeed in the Writing exam of the OET Medicine, overseas qualified doctors need to be able to write a discharge/referral or transfer letter to a healthcare professional or a letter of advice to a member of the public. This requires knowing letter writing convention and also the best methods for selecting the correct information to put into the letter, so [...]


OET Live Mock Exam

By Elisa Everyone knows that the more times you practice, the better you’ll be. Our healthcare professionals have shown that the Occupational English Test is an exam that with the right amount of attention and practice, can open professional doors that were previously closed. The OET is a test that our medics should be able to pass on the first attempt. This is the reason that in addition to our the in-person OET (Nursing) and OET (Medicine) courses that we have in [...]


Doctors OET Is Now Accepted By the GMC

By Ben Last week, the GMC announced that it will now also accept the OET (Occupational English Test) as an option to satisfy its English language requirements.  OET, like the IELTS, is a set of exams that test four communication skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The OET, howeve,r can be differentiated from the IELTS exams in a number of ways. Firstly the OET exam uses the English language relevant to the occupation of our healthcare professionals. The aim of the OET [...]

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