CBT for Midwives II – the Complete Guide – Book and Mock Test License

CBT for Midwives II – for NMC Registration

Includes Tips | Model Answers | Mock Exam Questions

ISBN: 978-1-9162105-8-5

In order to succeed in the NMC’s CBT; the theory test of competence, overseas qualified midwives need to know exactly what the NMC expects from the first stage of their Test of Competence.

This second stage of NMC registration for overseas qualified midwives, is a computer-based multiple choice test. The test measures applicants against current pre-registration education standards and consists of 120 multiple-choice questions. The questions are scored as either correct or incorrect and no partial credit is provided. The test assesses the essential professional knowledge, skills and attitudes required for safe and effective nursing practice in the UK. This book is a guide specifically to the Midwifery CBT. This guide consolidates the four parts of the CBT for a Midwifery applicant.

The Second Edition of our guide features:

· Key revision material of the essential facts and best practice.

· Advice on how to tackle NMC’s CBT Midwifery exam.

· 120 practice questions.

· Advice from NMC CBT Midwifery passers.

· Common errors to avoid and top tips for exam success.