OET (All Professions) Reading Guide Refresh 2.0 – Book

OET (All Professions) Reading Guide Refresh 2.0 – The Occupational English Test for GMC

Includes Tips | Model Answers | Test Questions

ISBN: 978-1-9164827-0-8

In order to succeed in the Reading section of the new version of the OET Medicine exam, overseas qualified healthcare professionals need to be able to use a variety of reading skills to answer a variety of question types.

This requires knowing how to demonstrate speed reading, reading for gist, reading for details and reading comprehension to your assessors. This book is a complete guide to the reading section of the Occupational English Test version 2.0. It contains clear instructions, practice questions and 10 model tests to help you pass your OET. The OET (All Professions) Reading Guide is for any member of the 12 OET professions and is produced by IELTS Medical, a training centre for healthcare professionals. Our writers and editors are NHS medical and healthcare professionals experienced in preparing overseas qualified healthcare professionals for the Occupational English Test (OET). Together we have produced an up-to-date guide on the reading section of OET version 2.0 to assist healthcare professionals at the start of their OET preparation.

Our guide features:

· Key revision material of the essential facts and best practice.

· Advice on how to tackle the OET Reading section.

· 10 OET Reading tests.

· Model reading techniques.

· Marking criteria.

· Common errors to avoid and top tips for exam success.