Subtly tell the examiner what score you came for

Subtly tell the examiner what score you came for

Today, our Senior Tutor Tamlin tackled the mistake that a lot of students make when writing an introduction to their essay. Here at IELTS Medical, we believe that the way you open your essay signals to the examiner what score you’re there to achieve.  To give you an example, what’s wrong with ending your introduction to the following question, in the following way?


“The success  in athletic or artistic activities is born and not made – to what extent do you agree?”


“So, I will briefly examine both sides of this issue and express my opinion at the end of this essay”

An examiner will expect you to approach an argument essay by exploring both sides and concluding. This is obvious.

A better way

It has long been debated whether success in athletic or artistic activities like tennis or singing is born or made. Can this be trained or is this down to natural ability?

I will consider the roles of people’s parents both genetically and educationally in my discussion of this topic.

Points to take away

  • Review the question and select the area that is relevant to this topic that you intend to writing about.
  • Subtly tell the examiner that you intend to focus on a particular aspect of the question, eg. the role of the parents.

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