Our First Socially Distant NMC OSCE Course

Our First Socially Distant NMC OSCE Course

This image of one of our dinamaps stood on its own in the furthest corner of one of the Centre's rooms, is a reminder of our first socially distant NMC OSCE course. Our usual NMC OSCE courses take place at major London hospitals with a maximum of 12 nurses in a group, At the Centre in Marylebone London, however, we very grateful that we are able to accommate up to eight nurses whilst giving each nurse a table to themselves and observing the guidelines of allowing a distance of 2 meters. 

Nurses attending the course were able to self-certify their fitness to attend and we also checked the temperatures of each attendee on arrival, as well as encouraged sound infection control throughout (plenty of sink time and hand gel galore). Plus our office building is serviced and the building managers have implemented daily cleaning of the building throughout the UK lockdown.

Despite the admittedly rather unusual physical distance between the nurses this week, our nurses were in high spirits and all smiles throughout the training and delighted with the little surprise we enhanced the course with at the end.

The intensive three day course drew to a close yesterday and we are really very proud of all of the nurses who took part. You see, a lot of the knowledge that we impart on the courses will serve our nurses well, whether it is to become part of the emergency temporary NMC register or to hit the ground running once Northampton, Oxford Brookes and Ulster Competence Test Centres reopen. Bringing to the forefront of their minds and muscle memory the practice of infection control and aseptic non-touch technique, will help our nurses to serve the public well once they are able to. 

Plus, all attendees of our Socially Distant NMC OSCE Courses will automatically be invited to OSCE training updates and OSCE Check-ins that will last as long as the lockdown and through to their exams. 

To find our more about our NMC OSCE courses or to book your place on one of our next three Socially Distant NMC OSCE Courses, visit www.oscenurses.com