The story of the lucky pen

Lucky Pen

The story of the lucky pen

  • By Lidia

Pharmacist Z, a French native, decided to come to IELTS Medical to further develop her English skills in order to get the 7.0 scores required for GPhC registration. Having previously taken the IELTS exam once, she opted for 5 weeks tailored training in speaking and writing.

Shortly afterwards Dr B, an anesthetist, came to IELTS Medical with the goal of reaching an overall score of 7.5 in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking to ultimately register with GMC. With her first language being Portuguese, she chose intensive training in speaking and writing over a four week period.

Dr B and Pharmacist Z had the opportunity to meet each other during our weekly classes. Throughout this time both had the opportunity to support each other and, as a result, acquire English language skills faster.

This meant that Dr B and Pharmacist Z practiced for their speaking and writing exams whilst discussing selected topics aimed to prepare them for the 9.0. The outcome of their class interactions was highly positive as Dr B and Pharmacist Z decided to spend more time together outside classes to further prepare for the exams, holding each other accountable and sharing different learning techniques.

The first to take the IELTS was Pharmacist Z, who chose to write the exam with a pen that she could erase – something she preferred to the pencil that most test centres provide. On the day she took the exam, to wish success to her new close friend, Pharmacist Z gave Dr. B the pen as a gift.  Whilst we’re drawing no conclusions about how lucky the pen was, we are delighted to report that Dr. B also achieved the 8.0 score.

At IELTS Medical, we strongly promote an open and friendly atmosphere, championing networking among our medics.

Get lucky with us… call 0203 637 6722.


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