Taste the OET with a mock for starters

oet mock exam

Taste the OET with a mock for starters

  • By Gurjit

A great way to get a real taste of how it would be like to sit the OET Exam will be is to sit the mock test. Not only will you get a feel of the real exam conditions that will take place on your big test day, but you can also gage whether or not you need more time to study or practice on a particular area.

The OET Live Mock Test takes place twice a month at our Marylebone Centre in Central London. It’s on the first and second Sunday of each month. The first mock test is ideal for nurses and doctors due to sit their exam that month. Whilst the second mock test each month is better suited to those healthcare professionals wishing to sit their exams the following month.

If you are one of the healthcare professionals that are already registered with us on the OET courses we provide, the cost of the mock test is £65.  Healthcare professionals that are not registered with us can still take advantage of the opportunity to take the OET Mock Test with us for £79.

Our learners have shared with us how valuable and helpful they have found sitting the mock test in preparation for their OET exam and shared the following feedback:

“It’s really what I needed.”

“It was a very good way to know what I need to focus on in my revision.”

“I feel much more confident now.”

Some have found that they required further 1 to 1 tuition on a certain subject such as reading, listening, writing and listening.

Others found that they were ready and prepared to sit the OET exam, relieving them of the stress and pressure, and instead filling them with the confidence that the hard work that they have put in deserves.

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