The Best Online OET Course Is Suitable For OET @ Home

The Best Online OET Course Is Suitable For OET @ Home

The best online OET courses are backed by AI technology and suitable for OET @ Home.

Why take [email protected]?

Having the opportunity to take the OET examination at home is an ideal way of completing the exam and progressing towards GMC registration. Following the successful completion of a 300-strong trial, dates for the brand new [email protected] have been released! The Computer-based version of the OET is finally here and the first [email protected] test is coming soon.

What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is the digital online version of the paper based OET exams. You will be able to do OET Listening; OET Reading; OET Writing and OET Speaking from the comfort of your home. The [email protected] test format is very similar to the paper-based exam, with the exception that your live interlocutor during the Speaking exam will be speaking with you via Zoom video conferencing software.

What do I need for [email protected]?

You will need a PC desktop with a separate webcam or laptop with a built-in camera computer, as well as a microphone and a webcam. Macs, tablets or mobiles are not permitted. You will need a good internet connection that’s 3G, 4G or 5G. You will also need to have acceptable ID documents to hand.

Software specs: Windows 10 (64-bit) and windows 7; Google Chrome; Adobe Flash Player 18 to

Hardware specs: Minimum 4Gb RAM with 1GB hard disk drive free space. Graphics card will need at least 64MB of memory.

How can I prepare for [email protected]?

Here at IELTS Medical, we’ve designed an excellent Online OET  course that's backed by AI technology and an [email protected] Starter course that will be available from Monday 17th August. The [email protected] Starter course package provides you with a brief introduction to the exam as well as the opportunity to take the mock exam as you would do the real thing. The best part? You will receive instant results for your OET Listening and OET Reading as well as detailed feedback reports from experienced, OET trained tutors within 24-hours.


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