Three Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

Three Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

  • By Lidia

Whilst preparing for the Academic IELTS exam, it is important that you do not fail to study for the listening test.

Tell me more about the listening test…

The IELTS Listening test takes around 30 minutes, and you will have extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.  The test consists of four parts, which are to be found on four separate web pages. The test has 40 questions; and each question carries one mark.

How can I prepare?

In our previous articles, we provided you specific tips on how to improve your speaking, reading and writing skills. One recurring pattern in the methods we provide you is the deliberate effort you need to put into your English practice.

Here is how you can improve your listening:

  1. Record your classes

Use your smartphone to record important parts of your classes. Try to re-listen to each recording at least twice, paying close attention to the message and the words / expressions used to convey that message. By doing so, you will not only assimilate the information better but also identify parts of the information you might have previously omitted.

  1. Take notes

Listen to radio talks and discussions and take notes on the key themes of the show. You may wish to wear headphones to avoid distractions; and thereby capture the details covered to a great extent. Remember: your notes should be brief but accurate.

  1. Go online

If you wish to practice your listening skills, we advise you going through mock listening parts of the IELTS found on the British Council website. You may also download free English conversations from

How are your listening skills?

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