Tips to #rock your language exams

rock exams

Tips to #rock your language exams

  • By Elisa

Everyone loves language exams, right? The amazing union of stress and pressure that embrace you when you start a course and doesn`t go away until the result is released. So! Since we all “love” this feeling, I will give you some tips to rock on your language exam!

1. Prioritize your revision
Unfortunately, every exam is unique, with a certain set of specific skills being tested. Plan ahead, make sure you know exactly what aspects of the language are being tested in the exam itself, and prioritize your revision on improving the weakest parts of your linguistic repertoire.
2. Make a plan
Start as soon as possible! Look at your schedule and build yourself a bespoke and strict plan that gives you time to focus on all areas of the language. Dedicate between 30-90 minutes a day to your language learning. Just remember — you are the boss of your own study plan, set yourself daily or weekly goals that you can aim for and make it happen!
3. Have fun!
Don`t be such a book worm! Try to make some native friends and exercise your language skills with them or if you are a real geek you could start to do some crosswords in your free time. If you have to complete a gap-fill style task, practise gap-fill exercises. If you have to write a short letter find a pen pal, even an imaginary one. If you have an oral exam play taboo with your native friends. Or add random people on skype and try to speak with them, so you could practise most of your language skills.
4. Vocabulary!
All new word learned is relevant! You can extend your vocabulary in many ways: read books and underline all the words that you don`t understand, watching a film with English subtitles so you could exercise your vocabulary and your spelling at the same time. Using lot of sticky notes to `decorate` your house with words and grammatical structure you always forget. You can even pick your favourite English song and start to study/translate the lyrics.

5. Speaking
Record yourself or look yourself in the mirror meanwhile your exercise your speaking, it is really useful because you could correct your pronunciation when necessary and you could listen and read your notes at the same time.

With hard work and a bit of fun everyone can rock on a language exam!

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