What to do when you’re stuck

What to do when you’re stuck


  • By Anna

You have taken the IELTS exam multiple times already and you still cannot get the scores you need. Perhaps you were studying by yourself; perhaps you were attending classes at some English school. It could be that you are getting the score you need from three skills, while in one you still get that disappointing 6.5.

Sound familiar? 

There are actually a few ways to deal with that. We very often come across medics who, for some reason, have issues with scoring 7.0 or 7.5 in writing. This is usually due to lack of proper preparation and not doing enough writing at home. When you are preparing by yourself, it gets a bit tricky when you are doing the writing tasks, because you need someone to check them for you and give you feedback. Sure, your grammar or spelling mistakes can be corrected by any good English teacher – however, the format of your essay, what needs to be included in each paragraph – you can only get that feedback from a qualified IELTS tutor / examiner.

We had a medic who booked in for a writing course of 10 classes, as she needed to get from 6.5 to 7.0 in writing. She was eager to improve and she attended classes three times a week. Bear in mind, that after each class she would get homework which she had to hand in before the following class, which required a lot of effort from her. She never complained, though, and found time to do the homework religiously and when the exam date came, she got the score without any problems.

For nurses, there is also another way to get unstuck. Some of them decide to switch to the OET exam, where the writing skill seems to be much easier for them. The OET writing exam is much more predictable as it usually is a referral letter or a discharge letter. The whole exam is entirely healthcare oriented, so it seems less difficult for some of our nurses.

Remember that when you’re stuck in one place, it is always worth trying new things or new approaches to studying. There’s never just one way to do get ready for IELTS. Various things work differently for various people, so don’t be afraid of trying out something new.

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