Why awareness matters

Why awareness matters

  • By Lidia

Self-awareness can be defined as one individuals’ ability for introspection as a way to acknowledge and recognise the way it perceives its feelings, strengths, weaknesses and motivations. World renowned psychologist, Daniel Goleman, identified self-awareness as one of the realms of emotional intelligence and a critical skill for top performance and leadership.

This article aims to provide our medics’ three ways in which they can use self-awareness whilst preparing for the IELTS exam:

Firstly, awareness of one’s learning style is essential for effective language study. Broadly speaking, there are three main ways through which one retains information, namely visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. We advise our medics’ to use comprehensive learning strategies, with an emphasis on their preferred style.

Secondly, the recognition of one medic’s strengths and weaknesses in English language aptitudes provides information that be used to develop a personalized learning plan. For example, one medic may have very good English speaking skills but wishes to improve their writing skills. (Are you struggling with writing? Check our top four tips to improve your writing here). Subsequently, one may enhance learning by keeping track of its progress through regular tests and feedback.

Finally, one should be aware how his/her feelings affect its reasoning and thinking. For instance, awareness on anxiety related to the IELTS exam helps one predict and assess the way it would affect its exam performance and thereby craft coping mechanisms to address it. Put simply, self-awareness leads to better self-management.

At IELTS Medical, we have designed our courses to provide medical professionals tuition tailored around their strengths and weaknesses. Our dedicated tutors are here to provide you with on-going support and feedback to reach the 9.0.

Do you need to become more self aware fast, because you’re taking the IELTS anytime soon? Test your English level by joining our next Mock Exam on Saturday, 12th of August.

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